foundation tips & tricks!! ;)

21 Sep

hey girlies!!

one of my lovely friends was asking me for some advice on foundation colours today and so i thought you girls may be interested too!

so a lot of us will have foundations we never use at the bottom of our draw! A lot of the time, we’ve also spent too much money on it only to realise later that it’s the wrong shade! rather than disregarding the foundation i have some great tips which uses up that foundation and also makes ur skin look great!

if the extra foundation is too light for your skin tone use it as a highlighter. using the same applicator you use for your normal foundation, apply the lighter foundation on the centre of your nose, across ur cheek bone and above ur cupids bow (middle of ur upper lip). then apply ur usual foundation to the rest of your face and neck and blend it all well!

if the foundation is too dark then u can use it as a contour. in the hollows of your cheeks, below ur bottom lip, at the sides of ur nose, on ur temples and below ur jaw line. this will instantly make all ur features pop! again don’t forget to blend well.

its usually easier to use a brush for precise application but if your going for a very natural look then blend with you fingers after! it may take a couple of tries to get it looking exactly how you want but trust me, its worth it. this look gives a much more natural finish than when you load up the layers with contour and highlight. it can give you a ‘glow from within‘ look if done properly!

another trick you can try is to buy a cheaper foundation in a colour that is very light or very dark, accordingly. blend a bit of that with the foundation that’s the wrong shade, this will help you determine the perfect shade for you. try to make sure the consistency of both foundations is similar. for example a water-based and an oil-based foundation wont mix well!

if you are looking to invest in a high-end foundation, then please please don’t buy it in a rush or as soon as you try it! i’ve done that too many times and have learnt my lesson! most companys will give you a sample of the foundation for free. ask them and try it at home, look at urself in different lights and take pics of yourself too! the ladies at these counters are usually very knowledgable but that does not mean that they’re always right! if you don’t like something explain why and speak up! you know your skin better than anyone. they’re usually lovely people so don’t be scared! if they don’t give samples but will try it on ur face then go to that store first when you go shopping. then go to the different shops and look at yourself in the mirror in different lights. especially in the daylight- it’s the most unforgiving!

if the foundation you are looking to buy is off the shelf then try a few different shades on your jaw line, the one that dissappears the most is your closest match.

if you mess up and realise the foundation you have bought is the wrong colour try to give it back, most shops have a great returns policy and there’s no harm in trying!

always remember with foundation, a little goes a long way. you want to see skin when you look at a person not foundation. blend blend and blend some more! if there are any imperfections you want to hide, use a concealer after you’ve done your foundation and powder to set.

finally, unless your neck is going to be covered, always blend your foundation down your neck, the whole missmatching skin tones thing is soo not in right now!

as always.. if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! i love it! 🙂

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love youuuz…

ifi… x


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