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27 Sep

hey girlies!!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! i know i have 😀

so people are always asking me about what skin care i’d recommend. The most important thing i would advise is to cleanse and moisturise every morning and every evening, also use an eye cream. apply sun screen during the day (at least spf15 in winter) and don’t use any products containing spf at night! always remember to use products that suit ur skin type (oily skins use oil free and dry skin can use richer products).

many of you must already do that, or know that you should. however, how many of you ever check the ingredients on the products you use on your skin? i know they may look complicated but knowing what’s good for your skin could be the difference between bad skin and great skin!

here is a few of the “magic ingredients” i think you should look out for and why:-

  • SALICYLIC ACID (Beta-hydroxy acid ) – amazing at unclogging pores and reducing pore size (less annoying blackheads!) helps to prevent breakouts, reduces inflammation, and premature ageing. (don’t use if ur pregnant or allergic to aspirin, if you have sensitive skin u will have to allow your skin to get used to the product by putting it on and taking it off after an hour for a few days initially and using it every other day and working yourself up). the most recommended time to use it is at night and it’s great in your cleanser if you’re acne prone.
  • ALPHA-HYDROXY ACIDS- examples are glycolic, lactic, tartaric and citric acids. They help with fine lines, irregular pigmentation, age spots, and may help decrease enlarged pores. Side effects of alpha-hydroxy acids include mild irritation and sun sensitivity so always use sunscreen and again gradually work up to daily application.
  • HYALURONIC ACID–  (also known as a glycosaminoglycan) is often said to be a miracle substance for its ability to “reverse” or stop aging. It occurs naturally in our bodies, and is found in young skin, other tissues, and joint fluid.  however age and other factors destroy hyaluronic acid. therefore it is great on fine lines and wrinkles.
  • VITAMIN C-  is proven to stimulate collagen production, which is responsible for warding off wrinkles and fine lines (as a preventative measure.)  Vitamin C may also help to minimise fine lines, scars and wrinkles. It is most effective in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid.
  • RETINOL OR RETIN-A – is derived from vitamin A. Retinol goes into the skins deeper layers and helps improve pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture,  tone, and your skin’s hydration levels. Retinol’s stronger counterpart is tretinoin, which is the active ingredient in Retin-A and Renova. If your skin is too sensitive to use Retin-A, retinol is a great alternative. if your skin can tolerate it, it can be the route to truly amazing skin.

when using any of the above substances in your products always follow the instructions on the package and stop use if irritation continues over a month. many of the ingredients can be found in over the counter cleansers, moisturisers, gels  etc. however when they are over the counter the strength of the active ingredient will be much less. if you suffer from acne or high levels of pigmentation, your doctor may prescribe you a product with a higher concentration. if you are unsure at all ask your doctor before trying, just to be safe. when trying the ingredients for the first time, i’d recommend over the counter products as they are more gentle. ask your pharmacist if you are unsure.

**do not use alpha and beta hydroxy acid at the same time as salicylic acid!

unfortunately, skin care is not like other beauty products where you can find cheap alternatives that are just as good. with skin care usually, the more expensive the product the better quality it is! 😦 so buy the best that you can afford. if you are young (below 23) and already have great skin,  your priority will be hydration and balancing oily or dryness. enjoy, as you don’t need the expensive miracle ingredients!  even those that do, don’t use all the ingredients all the time. ‘important to keep a balance of simpler products and the stronger products or else it will irritate your skin and make it worse not better!

some more great ingredients you will most likely have heard about and aren’t as expensive and much more gentle are aloe vera and chamomile– great for redness and sensitive skin. tea-tree  and witch-hazel are great anti-bacterial ingredients and help to balance oily skin. there are loads more. if your unsure of any ingredients or your just interested then this is a great website to check them out! http://www.cosmeticscop.com/cosmetic-ingredient-dictionary/A.aspx

Ooo you guys should check out liz earles cleanse and polish! iv heard soo much raving about it, can’t wait to try it. never heard a bad word! they sell it at john lewis and online..have any of you tried it? will do a review once i have!

sending you all love and wishes of flawless skin… 😉

(going to watch some Gossip Girl now! can’t wait!)

XOXO.. ifi

p.s. if you are a male reading this look after your feet! cut your nails atleast every 2weeks, scrub the soles, always wear clean socks! quick tip for soft feet is to moisturise your feet before bed and sleep with your socks on! u’ll thank me in the morning 😉


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  1. Blue monster September 27, 2011 at 1:45 PM #

    What about feet?


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