Make-up Application- foundation part2

3 Nov

hey girlies!!

hope you found the last post helpful. 🙂 this is part 2! i will concentrate on foundation applicators and how to use them. there’s soo much to say, i’ve tried to include all the things i can remember and i think ud find the most helpful.

remember you can always mix your foundations as mentioned in my earlier post Foundation Tips and Tricks. did you know, you can make your own tinted moisturiser by mixing your foundation with a moisturiser. if you’re using a tinted moisturiser you don’t need to moisturise first either! To get to a more dewy look to your foundation, mix it with Mac strobe cream or a little bit of liquid highlighter. keep in mind, the more you mix in the more sheer your foundation. my t-zone can get quite oily however my cheeks range from normal to dry. so i don’t like to use anything that could make my skin look greasy or dry. if i want a dewy look i like to mix my foundation with Mac fix plus spray instead. it’s not as dewy as the other products i mentioned but it definitely gives your foundation a glow. Fix plus is great for all sorts, i use it to dampen brushes or instead of a primer and is also great to set your foundation but i’ll tell you more about this later! 😉

please click  to read on about foundation applicators and the best ways on how to apply foundation.

my favourite tool for foundation application is my hands! make sure they’re clean though! using your fingers can be messy too but its worth it when you get a very natural finish. i often use other tools and go over my foundation with fingers or press with my hands to make the finish look more natural. you want to work from the centre of your face outwards. this is because you usually want the most coverage on your t-zone and least at your hairline. make sure to blend into the hairline and down the neck. especially if your foundation colour is not an exact match. i like to use the back of my hand as a palette, which ever tool i decide to use.

when choosing a foundation brush, the denser the brush the heavier the coverage you will get.

Mac duo fibre stippling brush

I like to use a STIPPLING BRUSH. this helps get an even coverage and some say you get an “airbrushed” effect. Mac, sigma and real techniques do some of the best stippling brushes. the mac brush shown is a stippling brush called the Mac duo fibre. using the back of your hand as a palette, get a little onto your brush and stipple the foundation all over the face, then starting from the centre blend outwards in small circular motions, continue blending in this way until you are happy with the finish.



KABUKI BRUSHES are also great for a flawless foundation finish. they are very dense brushes and are usually used for powders or mineral foundations. however they can be great for liquid foundation too. i prefer the flat top kabuki for liquid foundation and the round top for mineral and powders. the method i like to use is the same as for the stippling brush. the difference is that kabuki brushes give a heavier coverage. people with scarring, pigmentation, redness, acne often prefer a heavier coverage. however with this brush it won’t look plastered on. again, you can achieve that “airbrushed effect”. the more you buff the more even the application. the sigma flat top kabuki is one of the best and is available in short and long handles.

A DAMP SPONGE is what i was taught to use at beauty college. the finish from this is more professional but remember to always use a clean sponge. we were encouraged to use disposable sponges as they are difficult to clean. however, the beauty blender is one of the best make-up sponges, the shape allows you to bounce the foundation onto the skin and get into all the small areas using the pointy side, it is available online and is very reasonably priced just google it or ask me. Mac do a very similar sponge called the Mac Pro Performance sponge.  the best way to use a sponge is damp. wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess water, this is so that it doesn’t soak up too much foundation and it spreads more evenly. sponges are also great dry for getting a heavier coverage that is still even by pressing and rolling the foundation into the skin rather than just spreading it.

The TRADITINAL FOUNDATION BRUSH can be great too. a good brush won’t leave streaks and will get into all the little nooks and crevices without difficulty. they don’t soak up too much product and are relativel easy to clean. again, dispense a small amount of product onto the back of your hand, then apply evenly onto the foundation brush, starting from the centre of your face blend outwards. the Chanel foundation brush is a classic. it lasts forever, the bristles are super soft and will not leave you with a streaky finish.

i like to apply my foundation all over my face. i miss out my under eyes as i can get quite creased there and like to apply quite a heavy concealer. if your under eyes are not too bad or you dont have any issues with creasing then apply there too. i take a very small amount and apply it thinly all over my eyelid up to my eyebrows at the end, if you skip this step it can look patchy especially in fotos. i often apply over my lips and even ears too. whatever tool you choose to use as long as you blend well you can’t go wrong!

i have given you the names of some of the best applicators i know of but remember those are just suggestions. many of them are expensive but there are lots more great ones out there. use the best applicator within your budget and that works best for you.

the next post will be about setting your foundation and i promise it won’t be as long! do you guys prefer long detailed posts or quick tips? let me know.

Eid Mubarak to those of you celebrating this weekend. 🙂 I’ve not even thought about what to wear yet! eek!? or what to bake! Mmmm..

enjoy and let me know how you get on.. as always, i love your questions so don’t hesitate to ask! you can be anonymous too if you want, just comment on these posts!

lots of love..

ifi.. x


3 Responses to “Make-up Application- foundation part2”

  1. Kiran Mall-Kainth December 4, 2011 at 10:11 PM #


    I love your blog! I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award – please follow the link below!


    • Andrea May 24, 2012 at 7:43 PM #

      When you say you mix your foundation with mac fix spray, is your foundation a powder or liquid or what? And how do you apply then,?? sounds interesting!

      • ifi'sGirlyStuff June 27, 2012 at 10:53 PM #

        hi Andrea, this method only works with liquid foundation. i usually just mix it on the back of my hand with a foundation brush. give it a go let me know how you get on! x

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