the best way i’d describe myself is a super girly girl in a quirky kinda way..

i’v finished my degree (in accounting- totally unrelated), done with my ITEC Beauty Specialist qualification and i have some time on my hands so decided to blog about Make-up, bakes, fashion, beauty… and lotsa other girly girl stuff!

also if i find somebody interesting i may ask them to guest blog too 🙂

check out My first blog post for more info!

hope you enjoy it..

ifi..x x

p.s. make sure u leave comments and feedback on any questions/ opinions/ advice/ ideas.. i really do love hearing from you and i promise to try and reply to everyone 🙂 don’t forget to subscribe too!!


One Response to “About”

  1. The Dolly Blogger March 2, 2012 at 9:11 AM #

    Hi Ifi 🙂

    You may have noticed that I deleted K M Kalology – I launched my new blog yesterday so please take a peek when you get the chance!

    You subscribed to my Year 3 blog – thats my uni work so it will probably bore you senseless, but thank you so much for your support hun. I’ve subscribed to your blog now so I’m looking forward to reading some of your stuff!


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