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SORRYYY!! x x x x

19 Oct

hey girlies!!

long time no see 🙂 sorry i’ve been away for so long, its been a hell of a couple of weeks! got some really bad news and then some really good news and then some more really good news and then some bad news again. plus been busy baking too but im back now.. 😀
so the winner of the little poll i did on what you’d like me to write about next is make-up application. so watch this space for that 🙂
i feel bad for the people that voted for autumn/ winter trends which came second and my top 5 fave products i’d recommend so i’ll write about them after too! even though Autumn/Winter has officially already started! boohoo :’-(
hope you all missed me lots n lots hehe..
i’ll be back soon..
love you lots..
ifi.. x


hello u ;)

18 Sep

hey girlies..

so  i’ve decided to try my hand at some blogging..
anything cool that i come across or any questions you guys might have that i may be able to help with i’ll blog about! it’s just something i thought i’d give a go as i have the time..

so i’ll start off with a lil about me and you can subscribe if you think the stuff i like interests you! 🙂

so i love beauty and make-up.. like most girly girls! so im thinking ill do posts related to new items iv tried or want to try, the makeup or beauty products im loving and hating! any new makeup trends etc.  im actually a qualified beauty therapist so if u have any questions i may be able to help 🙂

i heart surfing the net- girly style though! i love youtube videos on fashion and beauty. i love watching loadsa girly tv programmes etc. and obviously i ❤ online shopping! if you find something interesting i’d love to hear about it and if i find anything i think u guys might like ill ‘drop a blog’ << lol that sounds odd!

i heart shopping, going the movies (both bollywood and hollywood ;)), i love trying new places to eat with good food and nice surroundings. im always looking for something different or new.

i heart baking trying new recipes whether it be cupcakes, cookies or proper cakes!  if i find a fab recipe ill share and ill let u in on my decorating tips n tricks!

i heart mendhi but im stuck in a mendhi rut ryt now. i did a course a few years ago in india, but im finding everything really old-fashioned now.. im on the hunt for some different and pretty ideas so will keep u posted!

i guess i’ll put in snippets of anything interesting going on in my life too..

im hoping my blogs gunna be more like lil light-hearted convo’s with my girls. i apologise for the poor english and grammer in advance – im rubbish!!
oooo i have soo much to catch up with u guys on.. i can’t wait to start blogging now! 😀

bye for now girliess..

take care.. ifi.. x