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The new Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld collection!! LOVE

9 Dec

hey girlies,
Sooo sorry i’ve been rubbish at posting blogs.. i’ve just been majorly busy and i promise ill get back into it when things calm down a little..

in the mean time im soo excited about this new collection. i think it’s mainly  because im “indian” (goodness gracious me accent lol) but it’s all inspired by indian fashion -saris, anarkali dresses etc and the jewellery is Amaaaazing!

check it out.. we can always dream and be inspired 🙂

love it! love you..
ifi… x


money saving tips –>50% off ASOS dresses!!

23 Oct

hey girlies..
if you don’t already know ASOS have 50% off dresses today starting at 6pm or if you register here its 5pm
:)) i ❤ ASOS!!
let me know of any bargains you find
ifi.. x