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how to make chocolate plastic/fondant icing!! easy and yummy :)

30 Sep my cake

hey girlies!!

woww such a beautiful day today.. hope you’re all making the most of this weather! 😀

so, you guys know i heart baking, especially the decorating part (oh and how could we forget the eating part! hehe). but most cakes are covered with fondant icing which i don’t usually like or worse marzipan which i ALWAYS take off when eating! so i’ve been looking for something that would taste better but look just as pretty..

i’ve tried a few different homemade recipes. i’ve tried making marshmallow fondant (MMF). it took forever, was VERY messy and in the end didn’t taste that different to normal fondant icing although the texture was a lot smoother, i thought to save time and money it’s easier to just buy the ready to roll stuff next time!

however, i have been making chocolate roses for a while now and thought why can’t i use the chocolate plastic to also cover my cakes! there are lots of names for it chocolate fondant icing/ chocolate playdough/ chocolate plastic/ chocolate plastique, you get the idea. but simply put it’s a dough made from chocolate that can be used to make all sorts of edible decorations, cover a cake or just play with! you can imagine how much fun it must be for kids to play with too! best of all it SUPER EASY and you only need TWO INGREDIENTS! honestly the first time i made it i go soo excited i had to wake my brother up who was asleep at 1am and show him! haha it’s like magic! 😀

Yesterday, i made my first cake to order -yippee! the spec was something pretty and yummy for her mum’s birthday. so i decided to make red velvet cake and thought this is a better time than any to try the chocolate icing as a cake covering. it tasted delicious (and not just ‘cos i made it! :p)!! the golden syrup/glycerine does alter the taste of the chocolate a little though. for some reason i didn’t like the taste of the milk chocolate plastic as much as i loved the white chocolate one. i prefer to use glycerine, if i have some at home, as i find the taste does not get altered as much as with golden syrup but the finished result is not much different. i’ve also heard of people using honey but i’ve not tried that. let me know if you have/do and how it goes! most recipes use corn syrup but i couldnt find any in my local supermarket (do you know anywhere that sells t?) thats why i experimented with the golden syrup and glycerine. The finish isn’t quite as flawless as the ready to roll stuff but it was still smooth and looked just as pretty after all the decorating.

the cake covering and the roses are all made from white chocolate plastic. just coloured differently..

my cake

here’s how i did it step by step -including pics!

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