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Make-up Application- foundation part2

3 Nov

hey girlies!!

hope you found the last post helpful. 🙂 this is part 2! i will concentrate on foundation applicators and how to use them. there’s soo much to say, i’ve tried to include all the things i can remember and i think ud find the most helpful.

remember you can always mix your foundations as mentioned in my earlier post Foundation Tips and Tricks. did you know, you can make your own tinted moisturiser by mixing your foundation with a moisturiser. if you’re using a tinted moisturiser you don’t need to moisturise first either! To get to a more dewy look to your foundation, mix it with Mac strobe cream or a little bit of liquid highlighter. keep in mind, the more you mix in the more sheer your foundation. my t-zone can get quite oily however my cheeks range from normal to dry. so i don’t like to use anything that could make my skin look greasy or dry. if i want a dewy look i like to mix my foundation with Mac fix plus spray instead. it’s not as dewy as the other products i mentioned but it definitely gives your foundation a glow. Fix plus is great for all sorts, i use it to dampen brushes or instead of a primer and is also great to set your foundation but i’ll tell you more about this later! 😉

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Make-up Application -foundation part1

1 Nov

hey girliess!!

how are you all?? this is going to be the first of the make-up application posts. but before i begin bare in mind that what i advise is not the only or even the best method  and there is no “right” or “wrong” way. As long as YOU like the method u choose and it works best for your skin type/face shape etc that’s what is most important. i would encourage you to try different ways though, experiment! maybe not on a special occasion but try other methods and see what suits you best.

i started writing this and it was so long! so i’ve decided to split it up and this week will be on BASE make-up.

  • PRIME firstly, what do you apply your foundation over? primers help with all sorts, they’re especially good for people that want their foundation to last longer, skin to get less oily or look more dewy and also helps smooth open pores, fine lines etc. i love the Laura Mercier Oil free primer for my skin type (which is combination) but Clinique Beauty flash balm is great for normal/dry skin, Mac Prep and prime spf50 is also great or Mac Strobe cream can work as a primer too and for a budget-buy the Gosh velvet touch primer is supposed to be really good. you don’t have to use a primer though, a good moisturiser is often enough. allow the moisturiser to sink into the skin a while before applying your foundation. remember to use moisturisers and foundation that suit your skin type. oily skins will usually prefer a matte/oil free formula while dryer skins prefer dewy formulas. remember to always apply sun protection whatever your skin type. whether it’s in your moisturiser, primer, foundation or a separate product. try not to layer too many products if you have oily skin though.
  • COVERAGE. if your skin is naturally quite clear and even it’s best you go for a sheer coverage foundation or a tinted moisturiser and use a concealer to cover any imperfections. you can also add a second layer of foundation just over any areas that need more coverage. this is what i personally prefer for every day foundation. it doesn’t look like you’re wearing foundation which is usually the look we want to go for and its nice to be able to see your skins natural texture. medium coverage foundation is usually buildable and you can adapt it according to your preference, i like to use this type for occasional wear. sometimes, when my tinted moisturiser is not enough coverage but i still want a very natural look i apply a thin layer of medium coverage foundation instead. finally there is full coverage. this will make ur skin look flawless and is good for photography or weddings. however it is probably the most difficult to apply without it looking cakey or like you’ve plastered it on! many make-up artists prefer to use full coverage foundation on clients, they just adjust the amount they apply according to the clients skin. remember the purpose of foundation is to even skin tone not mask your face. unless you have very bad pigmentation, scarring etc it always looks better when your natural skin tone and texture can be seen through your foundation.
  • TEXTURE. the most popular foundations usually come in liquid, cream, powder, mineral, solid/pan etc. Liquid foundation suits most skin types and can be found in a range of coverage. mineral foundation is also becoming more and more popular now and again has buildable coverage.

i will concentrate on how to apply liquid foundation in my next blog post as it’s the most common and i’ll be here forever if i try to explain them all! lol! if you have any questions or advice please do comment below and i’ll try my best to either reply to you personally or include it in a blog post!

hope you find this helpful girls!

see you soon..

ifi.. x

i heart freebies!! -foundation

28 Sep

hey girlies!!

i’ve found a freebie ur gunna love! 😀

‘LIKE’ lancome on facebook and register to get a free 7-day sample of their new foundation. its called teint miracle so i guess its more of a tinted moisturiser. i had them send me a text as its easier than printing and looking after a piece of paper! here’s the link-

i’m gunna go and get my sample soon so i’ll let u know what i think 😉 let me know what you guys think too! (its only while stocks last so hurry!)

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