I heart freebies!! -dove

1 Oct

hey girlies,

just a quick post to let you know dove are giving out free samples of their new dove body wash. all you have to do is ‘like‘ their facebook page and enter your details! ๐Ÿ™‚


let me know what you think of it when you’ve tried it!

lots of love..

ifi.. x


how to make chocolate plastic/fondant icing!! easy and yummy :)

30 Sep my cake

hey girlies!!

woww such a beautiful day today.. hope you’re all making the most of this weather! ๐Ÿ˜€

so, you guys know i heart baking, especially the decorating part (oh and how could we forget the eating part! hehe). but most cakes are covered with fondant icing which i don’t usually like or worse marzipan which i ALWAYS take off when eating! so i’ve been looking for something that would taste better but look just as pretty..

i’ve tried a few different homemade recipes. i’ve tried making marshmallow fondant (MMF). it took forever, was VERY messy and in the end didn’t taste that different to normal fondant icing although the texture was a lot smoother, i thought to save time and money it’s easier to just buy the ready to roll stuff next time!

however, i have been making chocolate roses for a while now and thought why can’t i use the chocolate plastic to also cover my cakes! there are lots of names for it chocolate fondant icing/ chocolate playdough/ chocolate plastic/ chocolate plastique, you get the idea. but simply put it’s a dough made from chocolate that can be used to make all sorts of edible decorations, cover a cake or just play with! you can imagine how much fun it must be for kids to play with too! best of all it SUPER EASY and you only need TWO INGREDIENTS! honestly the first time i made it i go soo excited i had to wake my brother up who was asleep at 1am and show him! haha it’s like magic! ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday, i made my first cake to order -yippee! the spec was something pretty and yummy for her mum’s birthday. so i decided to make red velvet cake and thought this is a better time than any to try the chocolate icing as a cake covering. it tasted delicious (and not just ‘cos i made it! :p)!! the golden syrup/glycerine does alter the taste of the chocolate a little though. for some reason i didn’t like the taste of the milk chocolate plastic as much as i loved the white chocolate one. i prefer to use glycerine, if i have some at home, as i find the taste does not get altered as much as with golden syrup but the finished result is not much different. i’ve also heard of people using honey but i’ve not tried that. let me know if you have/do and how it goes! most recipes use corn syrup but i couldnt find any in my local supermarket (do you know anywhere that sells t?) thats why i experimented with the golden syrup and glycerine. The finish isn’t quite as flawless as the ready to roll stuff but it was still smooth and looked just as pretty after all the decorating.

the cake covering and the roses are all made from white chocolate plastic. just coloured differently..

my cake

here’s how i did it step by step -including pics!

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i heart freebies!! -foundation

28 Sep

hey girlies!!

i’ve found a freebie ur gunna love! ๐Ÿ˜€

‘LIKE’ lancome on facebook and register to get a free 7-day sample of their new foundation. its called teint miracle so i guess its more of a tinted moisturiser. i had them send me a text as its easier than printing and looking after a piece of paper! here’s the link- http://www.facebook.com/LancomeExpertServices?sk=app_149152565111859

i’m gunna go and get my sample soon so i’ll let u know what i think ๐Ÿ˜‰ let me know what you guys think too! (its only while stocks last so hurry!)

never miss a post make sure you follow my blog to recieve email updates. look there >>>>>> or scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address!


ifi.. x

* * The Magic Ingredients * *

27 Sep

hey girlies!!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! i know i have ๐Ÿ˜€

so people are always asking me about what skin care i’d recommend. The most important thing i would advise is to cleanse and moisturise every morning and every evening, also use an eye cream. apply sun screen during the day (at least spf15 in winter) and don’t use any products containing spf at night! always remember to use products that suit ur skin type (oily skins use oil free and dry skin can use richer products).

many of you must already do that, or know that you should. however, how many of you ever check the ingredients on the products you use on your skin? i know they may look complicated but knowing what’s good for your skin could be the difference between bad skin and great skin!

here is a few of the “magic ingredients” i think you should look out for and why:-

foundation tips & tricks!! ;)

21 Sep

hey girlies!!

one of my lovely friends was asking me for some advice on foundation colours today and so i thought you girls may be interested too!

so a lot of us will have foundations we never use at the bottom of our draw! A lot of the time, we’ve also spent too much money on it only to realise later that it’s the wrong shade! rather than disregarding the foundation i have some great tips which uses up that foundation and also makes ur skin look great!

if the extra foundation is too light for your skin tone use it as a highlighter. using the same applicator you use for your normal foundation, apply the lighter foundation on the centre of your nose, across ur cheek bone and above ur cupids bow (middle of ur upper lip). then apply ur usual foundation to the rest of your face and neck and blend it all well!

if the foundation is too dark then u can use it as a contour. in the hollows of your cheeks, below ur bottom lip, at the sides of ur nose, on ur temples and below ur jaw line. this will instantly make all ur features pop! again don’t forget to blend well.

its usually easier to use a brush for precise application but if your going for a very natural look then blend with you fingers after! it may take a couple of tries to get it looking exactly how you want but trust me, its worth it. this look gives a much more natural finish than when you load up the layers with contour and highlight. it can give you a ‘glow from within‘ look if done properly!

another trick you can try is to buy a cheaper foundation in a colour that is very light or very dark, accordingly. blend a bit of that with the foundation that’s the wrong shade, this will help you determine the perfect shade for you. try to make sure the consistency of both foundations is similar. for example a water-based and an oil-based foundation wont mix well!

if you are looking to invest in a high-end foundation, then please please don’t buy it in a rush or as soon as you try it! i’ve done that too many times and have learnt my lesson! most companys will give you a sample of the foundation for free. ask them and try it at home, look at urself in different lights and take pics of yourself too! the ladies at these counters are usually very knowledgable but that does not mean that they’re always right! if you don’t like something explain why and speak up! you know your skin better than anyone. they’re usually lovely people so don’t be scared! if they don’t give samples but will try it on ur face then go to that store first when you go shopping. then go to the different shops and look at yourself in the mirror in different lights. especially in the daylight- it’s the most unforgiving!

if the foundation you are looking to buy is off the shelf then try a few different shades on your jaw line, the one that dissappears the most is your closest match.

if you mess up and realise the foundation you have bought is the wrong colour try to give it back, most shops have a great returns policy and there’s no harm in trying!

always remember with foundation, a little goes a long way. you want to see skin when you look at a person not foundation. blend blend and blend some more! if there are any imperfections you want to hide, use a concealer after you’ve done your foundation and powder to set.

finally, unless your neck is going to be covered, always blend your foundation down your neck, the whole missmatching skin tones thing is soo not in right now!

as always.. if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! i love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

oh and if you look somewhere over there >>>>>>>>>> underneath my cupcake pic it should say “FOLLOW IFI’S BLOG VIA EMAIL“. enter your email address and then confirm it. that way you’ll never miss a post!

love youuuz…

ifi… x

My Top 5 YouTubers!

20 Sep

hey girlies!!

so recently i’ve really got into the whole YouTube craze! there’s been nothing on the tele!! lol! 90210, glee and gossip girl seasons have started now tho.. excited! anyway back to the topic.. seriously, i’ve learnt so much. there are some great YouTube ‘gurus’ย  and there’s also some totally rubbish 1s! (what’s with all the teenagers trying to teach you how to put make-up on when they don’t have a clue!? i can’t believe some of them are so popular!) anyway the really great 1sย  can inspire and teach you loads. honestly, people are always asking me about certain ways i’ve done my hair or make-up and my secret is YouTube! oh and BOYSย  (i know there’s some of you reading this..) scroll down to number 4.. there’s a bit for you too!

My taste in makeup/fashion probably is not to everyones taste. i like to be quite quirky and like to experiment with both. i believe everyone is beautiful (however corny that sounds lol!) and make-up is there to enhance that natural beauty and not mask it. sometimes girls are so beautiful but u can’t tell because the natural part gets hidden which is such a shame. i think however trendy or colourful make-up is, you can still look effortless. it’s so much ‘cooler’!’

that’s why my first favourite is:

  1. Lisa Eldridge i love how she uses foundation to even out skin tone rather than cover it. that’s wat concealer is there for girls!! Lisa Eldridge is a professional make-up artist to the stars. she does make-up for magazine shoots and also makes videos for chanel on their website. i love her style and admire all her work. i wish i was half as talented.ย  i don’t need to say much as Lisa’s channel speaks for itself. even if you don’t watch any of the other YouTube channels (if you haven’t done so already) i’d urge you to watch hers! highly highly recommended!
  2. next is Goss Makeupartist. he’s a male make-up artist and i think the amazing thing that brings, is his unique way of thinking. he thinks outside the box. i’ve learnt some great tips and tricks from his quick videos. although many things contradict with things other make-up artists say and what i have been taught, its great to see a different perspective and giveย  them a try.
  3. moving away from make-up my next fave is LuxyHair. they’re two sisters from canada. i used to be rubbish at hair and never experimented till i started to watch their videos. they explain things really easily even for me! my hair look is usually messy and volumised but again i like it to look more effortless so adapt the styles to suit me. for a few of the mendhi’s i went to in the summer i did a rope braid and entwined a chain through. i got the idea from them, its soo easy n a change to the usual side plait. this eid just gone i did the 5 strand braid. and for all my relatives who asked me how i did it – luxy hair is defo my secret! SShhhh ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. hmmm there’s so many channels i love.. so im gunna cheat a lil and tell you about a YouTube family and pretend they count as 1! ๐Ÿ˜›ย  i think the whole family is fab! i’ll start with PIXIWOO. They’re two extremely talented sisters who are professional make-up artists. Pixiwoo were actually one of the first channels i subscribed to, they’re now the youtube version of A list celebs! then there isย  J1MMYB0BBA their brother. <<<<< this is the one for the GUYS! whether it be the guy reading this or ur significant other, brother etc? don’t ask me why i watch it.. i have no idea, his videos always just look so interesting! Jims great ‘cos hes a proper guy! u wont feel like ur any less manly for watching it boys-trust me! lol! ๐Ÿ˜›ย  he talks about alsorts from shaving to fitness and eye creams, skincare, and hair products. its the stuff most guys are interested in or want to know about but tend to ignore. im always telling my little brother about stuff i learn from watching his videos and surprisingly he actually seems interested! guys, start looking after ur skin or u’ll regret it later! finally there is Jims girlfriend PIXI2WOO. she’s very down to earth and girl next door. i love her reviews of products and she does lotsa fab celebrity inspired looks.
  5. finally fashion related! i love Amenakin. she does amazing hijab tutorials,ย  and is a talented business women with her own very succesful online shopping website. i don’t wear a hijab regularly but when i do, i love getting ideas from her videos. shes very inspiring. also check out these girls with great style. honestly teenagers are so fashion forward these days! i thought i was fashion forward back then but thinking back, i really had no idea! lol and im pretty sure most people in our 20’s were like that! so here they are ThePersianBabe, ClothesEncounters, beautycrush.

i really do hope you find them interesting and helpful. ooo and a couple more i have to squeeeze in are hudaheidik and AModelRecommends i love their beauty related videos. soo sorry i didn’t keep totheย  top 5 title! those are my top 5 but i also think the others are great and really wanted to share them all with you!

hope ur all well and get inspired by these videos. who are your faves? and what do u think of mine? would love to hear from you so make sure you subscribe and leave feedback! let me know if you have any problems with any of the links etc, hopefully you shouldn’t but im new to all this so bare with me plz!

keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

ifi.. x

have you guys heard about this new website?? x x x x

19 Sep

hey girlies!!

OMGee i have just found a fabulous new website! ๐Ÿ™‚

i remember when i found asos and i thought my (online shopping) life’s gunna change forever and i was right! i’m thinking this website may actually come very very close ‘cos it actually has ASOS on there! it has all our fave shops and websites all in one place! just to name a few there’s topshop, urban outfitters, house of fraser, mango.i hate how u have to look on sooo many different websites when ur searching for something. i haven’t really gone through it all properly yet, at first glance it doesn’t seem as well organised as ASOS but other than that it seems very convenient and from what i’ve heard it’s also reliable.

check it out its calledย  Style Compare!

not only that, it also has some great differentย  sections. my fave isย  called Style TV which has loadsa fashion related videos whether they’re off YouTube gurus or off the tele! i know it’s gunna keep me entertained for hours!
let me know what you think. would love to hear if any of you have shopped on there before and your experiences?

enjoy.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ifi.. x

hello u ;)

18 Sep

hey girlies..

soย  i’ve decided to try my hand at some blogging..
anything cool that i come across or any questions you guys might have that i may be able to help with i’ll blog about! it’s just something i thought i’d give a go as i have the time..

so i’ll start off with a lil about me and you can subscribe if you think the stuff i like interests you! ๐Ÿ™‚

so i love beauty and make-up.. like most girly girls! so im thinking ill do posts related to new items iv tried or want to try, the makeup or beauty products im loving and hating! any new makeup trends etc.ย  im actually a qualified beauty therapist so if u have any questions i may be able to help ๐Ÿ™‚

i heart surfing the net- girly style though! i love youtube videos on fashion and beauty. i love watching loadsa girly tv programmes etc. and obviously i โค online shopping! if you find something interesting i’d love to hear about it and if i find anything i think u guys might like ill ‘drop a blog’ << lol that sounds odd!

i heart shopping, going the movies (both bollywood and hollywood ;)), i love trying new places to eat with good food and nice surroundings. im always looking for something different or new.

i heart baking trying new recipes whether it be cupcakes, cookies or proper cakes!ย  if i find a fab recipe ill share and ill let u in on my decorating tips n tricks!

i heart mendhi but im stuck in a mendhi rut ryt now. i did a course a few years ago in india, but im finding everything really old-fashioned now.. im on the hunt for some different and pretty ideas so will keep u posted!

i guess i’ll put in snippets of anything interesting going on in my life too..

im hoping my blogs gunna be more like lil light-hearted convo’s with my girls. i apologise for the poor english and grammer in advance – im rubbish!!
oooo i have soo much to catch up with u guys on.. i can’t wait to start blogging now! ๐Ÿ˜€

bye for now girliess..

take care.. ifi.. x