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The magic ingredients -update

2 Oct

hey girlies,
quick update, GossMakeupArtist just uploaded a skincare video. the contents very similar to a previous blog post i wrote called ** the Magic Ingredients**

those of you who found that helpful may find this helpful too..


take care..
ifi.. x


* * The Magic Ingredients * *

27 Sep

hey girlies!!

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! i know i have 😀

so people are always asking me about what skin care i’d recommend. The most important thing i would advise is to cleanse and moisturise every morning and every evening, also use an eye cream. apply sun screen during the day (at least spf15 in winter) and don’t use any products containing spf at night! always remember to use products that suit ur skin type (oily skins use oil free and dry skin can use richer products).

many of you must already do that, or know that you should. however, how many of you ever check the ingredients on the products you use on your skin? i know they may look complicated but knowing what’s good for your skin could be the difference between bad skin and great skin!

here is a few of the “magic ingredients” i think you should look out for and why:-